Preparing the 3D printing

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In this module, you will learn how to obtain and prepare a file to be printed. Proceeding step-by-step, you will be able to easily grasp all of its phases. Upon completion, you will be able to choose the best way to obtain a 3D digital file, and will know some 3D printing software principles.

  • About this module 1min
  • Concept and digital file 3min
  • Getting the digital file 4min
  • Creating the digital file 5min
  • Slicing and file format 4min
  • Quiz 4min
  • Module summary 2min
  • Challenge 2min
  • To obtain a 3D digital file considering the type of project
  • To explore marketplaces and galleries
  • To create a digital file
  • To recognise some basic operations of modelling software
  • To prepare a file for the 3D printer
  • Anyone with an interest in 3D printing

  • Anyone who wants to take advantage of the 3D printing business opportunities

  • Professionals and business leaders who want to understand this new industrial revolution as well as the potential impact on their area of activity

  • Students


Small parceiro getready43d

GetReady4 3D

Parceiro Editorial

GetReady4 3D is a company that aims to provide 3D printing literacy, so that its ecosystem can evolve.


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Nadia Yaakoubi

Co-founder of GetReady4 3D. She strongly believes that 3D printing will change the way we create and think. She has international experience in 3D printing through collaborations with start-ups in Italy, England, and Portugal. Her academic background is in mechanical engineering.
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Diogo Quental

CEO and co-founder of GetReady4 3D. His 3D printing career started at BEEVERYCREATIVE, where he served as CEO. He has a multicultural experience that allows him to understand the importance of the Technology Generation and its (r)evolution. This experience is the result of 25 years of academic and professional practice in different countries, working in areas such as technology development and finance. He graduated in management from the ISAG-European Business School and received an MBA from INSEAD in 2003.
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  • Um conjunto de exercícios.
  • Anexos preparados pelo autor.
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